Great accessories to brighten your day, from colourful and eclectic glasses chains, lanyards, keychains, bag charms to feathery car charms.

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Charming Accessories

Turn ordinary into extraordinary with Jo James’ mesmerising accessories that will transform your look, home and car in the twist of a bead. Finished in a flash of fabulous colour, Jo James car charms, keychains, bag charms, lanyards and glasses chains will brighten even the dullest day.

Why should your wardrobe have all the fun when you can dress your keys, glasses and dinner table in Jo James sparkle? An original Jo James creation, the uber-stylish car charm will leave you feeling like the queen of the road with an eye-catching circle of glow beads finished with feathers and charm detail.

Unlock the secret to individual style with a funky keychain in a prism of popping colours, or the super chichi keyring with oversized illusion bead, trendy tassel and the signature Jo James heart charm. Never again will a day in the office be dull wearing the on-trend Jo James beaded lanyard.

When the working day is done, this versatile piece switches straight to head-turning holiday or festival wear. And why stop there when you can individualise your look with a fashionable beaded bag charm, sparkling brooch and gorgeous glasses chain, which adds a splash of colour to any outfit?

Embellish Your Home

Home is where the heart is and it’s impossible not to fall in love with our dazzling tassel dreamcatchers, punctuated with illusion beads. Sit back and enjoy their hypnotising glow while raising a wine glass wrapped in a stunning Jo James signature glass charm. Embellished with a shimmering glow bead, Sparkle Bead, silver and bronze charms or the Jo James signature charm, these little accessories add a touch of sophistication to any dinner party, and make a truly special gift.

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