Add eye-catching rings to your collection. Choose from elegant sparkle at your fingertips with a stunning crystal-encrusted bead or bright, funky rings in multi-coloured beads.

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      Ultramodern Designs

      Elegance and beauty are at your fingertips wearing a Jo James ring embellished with funky beads, crystals and semi-precious gemstones. They may be small but these ultramodern designs, in a vibrant spectrum of shades, make a big impact worn alone or mixed and matched.

      The striking Stacking Ring takes a timeless design and catapults it straight into the 21st Century. This eye-catching circle of silver is topped with a chunky light-reactive bead, which can be stacked with other colour combinations to create your own individual look. For a traditional take on this statement piece, the Amore Stacking Ring in shimmering silver boasts a beautiful antique influence.  And there’s no need to worry about finding the right size – each Stacking Ring is adjustable.

      The delightfully unique Feather Ring continues this timeless elegance and is sure to set any heart aflutter with its silver feather cross-over design. Feathers are a must for any fashionista and remember, ‘feathers appear when angels are near.’ The Stella oval bead ring continues the silver theme, or for colour that pops point your finger in the direction of Jo James’ bright and funky multi-coloured beads.

      Wellbeing Stacking Rings

      These head-turning light reflective beads line up on a stretchy loop of pure loveliness, and look incredible paired with a Jo James illusion bead bracelet. The simply stunning white beaded ring is a dainty addition to any fingertip, finished with the signature Jo James heart charm or a sparkling crystal-encrusted bead – the choice is yours. For something wonderfully different, the Wellbeing Stacking Ring brings semi-precious gemstones into this already extraordinary design, encapsulating beauty and benefits for both the body and mind.

      And why should your toes miss out?  Adorn your pinkies in a playful, ultra-modern toe ring as you step into summer Jo James style.

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