Glasses Chains

Perfect for both prescription glasses and sunglasses, glasses chains are the unsung hero of eyewear. They stop glasses from falling and smashing on the ground. They keep you hands-free when you’re out and about. And they can stop you losing your specs. The problem? They’re not always fashionable. 

Enter glasses chains from Jo James Jewellery! Our glasses chains are practical and fully functional, yet also beautiful, stylish, and contemporary. We’re turning an outdated accessory into an on-trend, everyday part of your wardrobe with cool designs, vibrant beadwork, and chic patterns.

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      Practical & fashionable

      Jo James’ original glasses chains transform an everyday practicality into an enviable, fun fashion accessory. Our chains are designed to walk the fine line between trend and utility. 

      Maybe you’re always misplacing your glasses. Or perhaps you can’t bear the thought of damaging yet another pair. Whatever the reason, why not use your glasses chain as another way to show off your personality? Our extensive collection of glasses chains gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose between a wide range of styles and designs. And there’s something to suit every outfit, no matter what your fashion preferences. Cosy, snug winter knits? Sleeveless summer dresses? No problem!

      If you’re looking for a practical way to refresh your accessories, this is it. 

      Wonderfully wearable

      All glasses chains from Jo James Jewellery are designed to be wearable; comfortable, secure, and convenient. The lightweight chains sit comfortably around the neck, for a ‘barely there’ feel that you can wear all day long, and throughout the year. For days out, long study periods, or diving into a great book that you just can’t put down, our glasses chains are perfectly designed for long-term wear. 

      For those times when your glasses aren’t needed, Jo James glasses chains can still be your most powerful accessory. Doubling up the length instantly transforms the chain into an eye-catching necklace or wrap-around bracelet, so you can stay looking fabulously fashionable, anytime, anywhere. 

      Beautiful beads

      Fed up of seeing boring twisted cords and dull designs? At Jo James Jewellery, we’re known for looking on the bright side, and that’s what forms the core foundation of our glasses chains. 

      Made from bright and colourful glow beads, our glasses chains put a bold and vibrant spin on a classic accessory. Available in a range of shades and hues, we craft glasses chains from cool light-reflecting materials. These beads not only look good, but help you feel lively, positive – and glowing!

      Glow beads not your thing? Why not take a look at our glasses chains made from traditional healing stones? These chains combine practicality and fashion with the uplifting power of nature. 

      Made for you

      Every Jo James original is made with love, exclusively for you. And our glasses chains are no different. Why settle for being part of a crowd, when you can accessorise in style with something that’s truly yours?

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