Turn your workplace necessities into enviable fashion accessories with a Jo James lanyard. They’re designed to securely hold your work ID or identification badges in the most stylish and chic way imaginable.

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      What Are Lanyards?

      Lanyards are a very practical and useful accessory for keeping ID cards or passes accessible and visible. Yet they’re often a little dull, favouring function over form. At Jo James Jewellery, we’re setting out to change that with our range of bright, bold, and colourful beaded badge holders. 

      Our lanyards are ideal for:

      • Work ID badges
      • Security passes
      • Festival passes
      • Resort passes
      • Hotel keycards
      • Student IDs
      • Conference name cards
      • Bus/rail/ferry passes

      …and lots more!

      Super versatile, our lanyards are perfect for students, trainers, teachers, healthcare professionals, and more. Each lanyard features a lobster claw clasp for securely holding cards, passes, IDs and badges. It’s easy to double the chain up to transform your lanyard into a beautiful keychain, too. 

      Despite the affordability of Jo James lanyards, we only use quality materials. They’re sure to keep your important badges secure and exactly where they should be: comfortably around your neck. 

      Lanyards For Every Style, And Every Occasion

      Whether you need to maintain a professional look at work, or you want to show off your fun, carefree side while you’re away on holiday, there’s a Jo James lanyard for everyone. Made with quality beads that reflect light to give off an almost mesmerising glow, there are plenty of different colour combinations to choose from. It’s easy to find a design that will suit you and your needs. 

      Glow beads are the foundation of the Jo James Jewellery brand. These shimmering beads are naturally bright, uplifting, and bursting with positive vibes. By using these irresistible, iridescent beads to make practical and functional lanyards, we’re transforming an everyday necessity into something with more character, more personality, and more style. What could be better than that?

      The Jo James Difference

      If you’ve used a lanyard before, you’ll know that they’re not always very comfortable. That’s where we’re different. Original Jo James Jewellery lanyards are strong, yet also very lightweight, making them easy to wear all day long. You’ll barely know it’s there unless the lively colour catches your eye.

      Our lanyards are also available in different sizes depending on your own needs. Our standard lanyards measure approximately 96cm around, while our shorter versions come in at around 80cm. 

      Handcrafted With Love

      As with all Jo James jewellery and accessories, each beaded lanyard is handcrafted with love, just for you, at the Jo James Jewellery studio in Devon. This ensures that every item we deliver to our customers is unique, and gives you complete confidence that your lanyard is well and truly yours. 

      Our lanyards can be a highly practical purchase for yourself. Or they could be a thoughtful gift for someone that could use a little pick-me-up. As a ‘thank you’ for hard-working medical staff or as an end-of-year present for a fantastic teacher, our vibrant lanyards are a gift you’ll be proud to give. 

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