Always losing your keys? Not anymore! A bright and bold Jo James Jewellery keyring is just what you need to make your keys look cuter – and easier to find, too. Our carefully designed keychains combine beautiful beads and vibrant colours to add a touch of glamour to your keys. 

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Grab a Jo James original

How many times have you checked your bag, not seen your keys, then searched all over, only to find they’ve magically reappeared in the bag? It happens. A Jo James original keychain can save a lot of frustration, making it easy to find your keys in an instant. With a glimmer of light-reflecting glow beads shimmering in even the darkest of corners, there’s no need to search for hours on end. 

Each Jo James keyring and keychain comes complete with either a metal closed ring or a lobster claw clasp: firstly, for ease of use. These two attachments make it so quick and simple to connect your keys to the keychain. Secondly, for security. Once attached, your keys won’t accidentally fall off, reducing the risk of losing them. Our keyrings are high quality, yet also very budget-friendly. If you’re looking to replace an old keyring, browse our affordable keyring range.

Endless possibilities

Already have a favourite keyring? Or maybe you don’t have trouble keeping track of your keys? Despite the name, our keyrings and keychains don’t have to be used only for keys. In fact, they can be used to help keep almost anything more visible and more noticeable. Our keyrings can be used for:

  • School pencil cases
  • Purses and handbags
  • Backpacks/rucksacks
  • Nappy bags
  • Coats or jackets
  • Spiral-bound notebooks

…and more!

Show off your personality

Keyrings and keychains from Jo James Jewellery are made from striking glow beads, or from raw healing crystals. Whichever type of keychain you choose, you’ll have plenty of beautiful and colourful options that empower you to show off your individual personality. Glow bead keyrings add a lot of character and whimsical charm to your keys, while crystal chains add positivity and wellness. 

From delicate and understated to big and bold, there’s a keyring to suit all styles and moods. 

100% unique

Just like other accessories from the Jo James Jewellery range, our keyrings and keychains are all handcrafted and made with love in Devon. This means that every keychain that we send out is unique in its own way, and created exclusively for you. If you’re tired of mass-produced products and want something with a little more of a personal, individual touch, our keyrings are perfect for you.

Share the style

Love Jo James keyrings? Then why not share that love with others? Our keychains make excellent gifts for friends, family, loved ones, neighbours, teachers… and anyone who’s always losing their keys! There are plenty of options to choose from! 

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