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Introducing the exquisite new arrivals at Jo James Jewellery! Elevate your style with our stunning collection of bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and more. Crafted with precision and adorned with exquisite glow beads, our latest pieces are designed to add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your every day. Explore now!

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Jo James Jewellery's Glow Bead Bracelets are a mesmerising fusion of fashion and luminescence. These bracelets radiate a soft, ethereal glow, adding a touch of enchantment to your jewellery collection.

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Anklets, the epitome of foot adornment, grace ankles with elegance. From dainty chains to bohemian charms, they effortlessly enhance your style, making every step a fashion statement.

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Necklaces, a timeless symbol of beauty, adorn the neck with grace. Whether a delicate pendant or a statement piece, they elevate any neckline, celebrating individuality and elegance.

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Earrings, the ultimate expression of personal style, frame the face with charm. From studs to chandeliers, they add a touch of sophistication and whimsy to every look.

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Give the Gift of Choice. With so many stunning options, why not let your loved ones decide? Purchase a gift card today, ensuring they find their perfect piece.

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Welcome To Jo James Jewellery

Hello and welcome! I am Jo, the creative hands and heart behind Jo James Jewellery. Here's a little shimmering tale for you about my brand's journey.

In 2014, in the heart of West Country, a single-twist bracelet was born on my kitchen table. Little did I know that this small creation would blossom into the West Country's most vibrant supplier of beaded accessories for all – men, women, and our adorable little ones. It quickly turned from a hobby into a whirlwind romance with creativity, colours, and innovation.

Located in Plymouth, my hometown filled with its rich maritime legacy, the brand was deeply inspired by the glistening lights of the English Channel. I fondly believe those sparkling reflections laid the foundation for our signature glow beads. Shimmering, iridescent, and capturing the essence of light in every piece, these beads indeed became the heartbeat of Jo James Jewellery.

As my designs started reaching the hearts of many, I felt the urge to share this joy with a broader audience, and thus, our online store was born. Even as we expanded our horizons, I kept my West Country roots close, partnering with local stockists throughout Devon. To this day, every piece of beaded jewellery carries a piece of Plymouth's spirit, meant to be cherished by everyone.

Our glow beads? Oh, they're a delightful testament to my love for vibrant things that capture light and mesmerise the beholder. They've grown into a trendsetter, adding a touch of magic with their almost otherworldly glow to our range of accessories.

I take immense pride in the authenticity and love poured into every item. Stepping away from the whirlwind of fast fashion, each piece you see is handcrafted by yours truly in our Devon workshop. From necklaces to keyrings, every item is a testament to dedication, quality, and creativity.

For those looking for something more personal, I also enjoy crafting commissioned pieces, transforming stories and emotions into tangible mementoes.

Above all, Jo James Jewellery was birthed from a simple belief: Vibrant, uplifting accessories shouldn't be a luxury but a joy everyone can afford. My aim has always been to sprinkle a little colour into everyday life without breaking the bank.

Thank you for joining me on this radiant journey. Dive in, explore, and make the world a little brighter, one bead at a time!

With all my heart,

Jo James