• Purple Poppy Brooch Pin
  • Purple Poppy Brooch Pin

Purple Poppy Brooch Pin



Purple Poppy: Honoring Animal Heroes

In the United Kingdom, the purple poppy is a poignant symbol of remembrance, paying tribute to the animals that served alongside humans during wartime. Horses, dogs, pigeons, and countless others played vital roles in the war effort, often enduring hardships and making sacrifices just like their human counterparts. Those who wear the purple poppy believe that their service should be acknowledged and honoured equally.

Our hand-crocheted purple poppies, measuring approximately 2.5 x 2.5 cm, are a heartfelt way to remember these brave animal heroes. They can proudly accompany the traditional red poppy, which we also offer to raise additional funds for the Royal British Legion. These purple poppies can even be pinned to your dog's collar as a symbol of remembrance for their furry comrades.

It's important to note that this purple poppy is a non-profit item, and all proceeds will be donated to support our local animal welfare sanctuary, Woodside. By wearing this purple poppy, you not only pay tribute to the animals of war but also contribute to a meaningful cause that cares for animals in need. Learn more about Woodside and their valuable work at https://www.woodsidesanctuary.org.uk/#