• Festival Floral Head Bands
  • Festival Floral Head Bands
  • Festival Floral Head Bands
  • Festival Floral Head Bands
  • Festival Floral Head Bands

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Festival Floral Head Bands


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Introducing a pure depiction of festive fun, where summer dreams come alive with our exquisite Festival Floral Headbands. This season, embrace the spirit of fun and festivity with our enchanting collection, designed to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your summer wardrobe. 
Our Festival Floral Headbands are available in three captivating colours:
Pastel Peach Soft and delicate, this shade exudes a gentle charm, perfect for adding a subtle pop of colour to your summer look. Ideal for garden parties and daytime events, the pastel peach headband brings a dreamy, ethereal vibe to any outfit.
Rich Vibrant Red Bold and striking, this headband is for those who love to make a statement. The deep red blooms are perfect for evening festivities and concerts, ensuring you stand out in the crowd with a burst of passionate colour.
Cool Aquatic Blue Refreshing and serene, the aquatic blue headband is reminiscent of clear summer skies and tranquil waters. This versatile piece is perfect for beach outings and poolside gatherings, adding a cool, calming touch to your festival ensemble.
Each headband is crafted with lifelike flowers that capture the essence of summer in full bloom. Comfortable and lightweight, our headbands, ideal for both adults and children, ensuring you can dance the day and night away without a care. Whether you're attending a music festival, a garden soirée, or a beach party, our floral headbands are the perfect accessory to elevate your summer style.
At Jo James Jewellery, we believe in celebrating the joy and beauty of summer. Our Festival Floral Headbands are designed to make you feel radiant and free-spirited, ready to create unforgettable memories. Explore our collection and find the perfect headband to complement your unique style and join the summer fun in full bloom.

Shop now and let your summer adventures begin with Jo James Jewellery!