These ultra-trendy anklets are a must in any Jo James collection. Worn alone or as a set to complete your look, each anklet is finished with the signature Jo James silver heart charm.

Shine like it’s summer all year round in Jo James’ ultra-trendy anklets made with mesmerising illusion beads, shimmering sparkles and gemstones. No wardrobe should be without these stunning high-fashion anklets, which add glamour to any day or evening outfit. Whether you prefer a pop of colour or to let your tan do the talking, Jo James’ infinite collection of bright and muted shades has it covered. Worn alone or stacked, each beautifully handmade piece is finished with the signature Jo James heart charm.

Mix and Match Anklets

From fancy to feminine, funky to fabulous, these little pieces of beaded splendour will make a big impact in solid, blended and pearlescent shades. Mix and match with bold and delicate gold and silver pieces, such as the elegant Elena, Stella and the Chunky Gold, for the ultimate layered look.

Be beach and festival ready in a kaleidoscope of multi-colour anklets made with hypnotising glow beads in various sizes, shapes and patterns. Sizzle in Tropic and Aztec anklets, and the wondrously unique Tibetan anklet, with its myriad of illusion, glass and metallic beads – no two are the same.

Contemporary To Classic Anklets

Sorbet, Sherbet, Blueberry, Candy and Bubblegum are just some of the delicious choices, or sprinkle your ankles with the eye-catching Moondust. Contemporary to classic, Jo James transcends the ages, from the Victorian chic of the Clara bracelet to the ultra-modern Rainbow pride bracelet.

The limited-edition Equinox and Autumn anklets in warm, rustic shades sit in juxtaposition to the mystical glow of the Unicorn, Fantasy and Mermaid anklets. Or for a monochrome look, pick the black oval bead Pixie anklet and the divine White Vintage, with its gorgeous mix of white and silver beads. Flip the colour palette and Fiesta, Summer Nights and Flamingo, in bright party shades, will lift your look and your spirits.

You’ll feel fabulous on the outside and within wearing Jo James’ wellbeing jewellery, made with semi-precious gemstones individually selected for their spiritual properties. Amazonite, White Turquoise, Crazy Lace, Morganite, Rose Quartz, Sea Opal and Rose Agate, are just some of the gemstones used for their wellbeing benefits.

When the sun sets and the party begins, Jo James Sparkle anklets with glittering clusters and silver beads are timeless pieces that will keep you glowing around the clock.

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