• White Vintage Mini-Keychain
  • White Vintage Mini-Keychain

White Vintage Mini-Keychain


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These detailed mini-keychains, make the ideal go-to item for your keys! Perfect as a little gift idea too.

Shorter than the sister version detailed keychains, these funky beaded accessories are perfect for attaching your keys to. Looks great and practical.

Please note, every piece is as unique as you.

A super funky mini keychain is perfect for your keys or a bag charm.

Practical, pretty and a lovely alternative to the regular longer keychain. 

Made with quality glow beads which, when caught in certain light, give the mesmerising illusion of a bead within a bead.

For best results at maintaining the life of your beads, they should be stored in a cool, relatively dark area. To avoid discolouration of the beads please keep them from contact with perfumes, hairsprays, body/hand/sun creams and lotions. We would recommend not wearing them whilst playing sport, swimming or bathing or in direct heat.