• Vintage Grape Short Detailed Necklace

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Vintage Grape Short Detailed Necklace


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Sitting elegantly on the collar, the short detailed necklace looks stunning with any neckline.

A Detailed Necklace range with an electric mix of beads to unlock your style.

All of the necklaces look stunning worn on its own or mixed and matched with a different length design. All of these striking and unique necklaces are finished with the signature Jo James silver heart charm.

Approx 56cm round with a 10mm bead, it is completed with the signature Jo James silver heart charm. 

Made with quality glow beads which, when caught in certain light, give the mesmerising illusion of a bead within a bead.

For best results at maintaining the life of your beads, they should ideally be stored in a cool, relatively dark area, preferably within a jewellery box. To avoid discolouration of the beautiful colours of the beads used at Jo James please endeavour to keep them from contact with perfumes, hairsprays, body/hand/sun creams and lotions. Our beads also do not like hot, sweaty skin, so we would recommend not wearing them whilst playing sport, swimming, bathing or in direct heat.