• Symphony Bracelet Collection
  • Symphony Bracelet Collection
  • Symphony Bracelet Collection
  • Symphony Bracelet Collection

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Symphony Bracelet Collection


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Indulge in the essence of glamour with our captivating new bracelet sets at Jo James Jewellery. Choose from three distinct sets, each comprising five individual bracelets, curated for versatility and head-turning allure.

Golden Earth Shades Set: A harmonious blend of golden earth tones, featuring an animal-print horse-hair band, stunning full sparkle, stretch smoky Quartz-style gems, and two semi-precious crystals – the grounding Fossil Coral and the transformative Leopard Skin Jasper, renowned for enhancing strength and courage.

Aqua Blues Set: Dive into the tranquillity of aqua blues with an animal-print horse band, sparkling aqua hues, an Aquamarine-style large gem stretch bracelet, a matte Aquamarine semi-precious crystal, and the serene Blue Agate, known for promoting calmness and harmony.

White Elegance Set: Embrace timeless elegance with a zebra-style horse-hair band, iridescent full sparkle, stretch AB large gems, and two semi-precious crystals – the calming Howlite and the soothing Magnesite, believed to enhance visualization and relaxation.

Whether worn individually or as a statement stack, these bracelets are crafted to elevate your style and spirit. Explore the beauty and energy of each set and let your unique radiance shine.