• Sweet Cherry Prehnite Anklet
  • Sweet Cherry Prehnite Anklet

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Sweet Cherry Prehnite Anklet


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Prehnite, is a healing stone with a wealth of healing properties. This crystal is also said to support the bones, teeth, hair and nails. Also, enable you to open up to see the good in all things! Helps to keep you in the moment. Prehnite is a serene stone of unconditional love and is the crystal to heal the healer and enhances precognition and inner knowing. This is the stone of prophecy!

This particular semi precious crystal is known to be protective. It can protect one on all levels, as it strengthens the life force and generally increases energy as well as stimulating it.

If you are particularly drawn to this crystal, you may need to change your perspective, to have a wider view of reality than the one you may feel stuck with on a day to day level. Prehnite enhances love of nature and its ability to use its healing influence. This crystal will help get rid of the junk in your life and help give you the faith that the universe will provide what you need.

Keep it on you or by you when sorting and recycling , for a wonderful and liberating feeling. It will help organise the space around you, thus giving you a feeling of accomplishment and harmony.