• Sterling Silver Oxidised Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Oxidised Bracelet


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Introducing our exclusive collection of sterling silver bracelets with a captivating darker shade. Through an intentional process, each bracelet is artfully darkened, exuding an on-trend edgy appeal that sets it apart.

Versatile and chic, these bracelets are perfect for stacking, allowing you to create a stylish and personalised layered look that speaks to your individuality.

The centrepiece of each bracelet features a sterling silver detailed elephant, symbolising strength, power, stamina, and loyalty—a truly meaningful addition to your accessory collection or a stunning gift for someone special.

Hurry, these exquisite pieces are available for a limited time only, making them even more desirable.

Crafted with 5mm oxidised sterling silver beads, we advise against stretching the bracelet to avoid any risk of the jewellers elastic snapping. Instead, gently roll on the bracelet for a secure and comfortable fit. For comprehensive care instructions, be sure to explore our guide on maintaining the longevity of your jewellery.

Embrace the allure of our exclusive darker shade sterling silver bracelets and elevate your style with a touch of edgy sophistication.