• Star Cluster Bracelet

Star Cluster Bracelet


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Black Agate,  like all black stones, is grounding and protective crystal. It can help those in times of bereavement with its calming and peaceful properties. This stone will help one gain an inner strength to move forward and will help help keep the peace in stressful situations.

Sodalite is known for enhancing creativity and inspiration. Although its a crystal of communication, it is also the stone of truth and will help bring on greater self-esteem, self-worth and self-trust. Believe in you and the truth will out!

Green Cats eye, wearing this stone is believed to ward off evil and protect against unforeseen danger. It will transform negative thoughts into positive anergy.

Brecciated jasper is a stone of strength and vitality and will help bring metal clarity too. This is a detoxifying stone which will help promote health and healing. Wear this crystal in times of stress to help generate tranquility and wholeness.

Antique Orange Agate is a stone that offers emotional balance and will help promote courage and inner strength. An incredibly grounding stone and excellent for rebalancing both body and mind. This is a crystal that has the power to create inner healing from anger and tension from the modern world we live in.

Mahogany Obsidian is excellent at both grounding and protection. It will eliminate energetic blockages and relieves tension and will help stimulate growth on all levels and is great stone for decision making.

Labradorite is a gemstone that will clean the owners aura. This stone will also help to block negative energy. This is a great stone for healing and anxiety and worries will ease, peace and harmony will be restored.  This crystal is another speaker of the truth and will help stimulate the throat chakra.

Blue Jade is a calming crystal to help restore peace and serenity. This delightful stone is one of purification. The is a heart stone, symbolising gentaleness and nourishment.  Jade also attracts good luck and friendship. It will help stabilise the personality of the wearer.

Tigers eye is an all round protection crystal. It may also bring the wearer good luck, promoting mental clarity and helping us to focus the mind, thus aiding problem solving. A great stone for dispelling negative energy, fear and anxiety.


Coffee Agate is an excellent at cleansing and stabilising and transforming negativity every into a positive. This crystal will also help aid concentration and all round mental function. The wearer will have an inner sense of a feeling of security and safeness.

Red Aventurine benefits the thymus gland and nervous system, a huge all around healer from, skin blood pressure, sinus and organ issues.