• Seven Chakra Ornament
  • Seven Chakra Ornament

Seven Chakra Ornament



This hanging accessory is designed to balance the seven chakras, which is said to be energy centres used for hundreds and hundreds of years by Indian and eastern cultures. Each of the stones in different colours represent one of the chakras....

Crown - Third Eye - Throat - Heart - Solar Plexus - Sacral - Root

Chakra means "Wheel" in old Sanskrit and symbolises the flow of energy in the body.

Negative energy will diminish in the space that this ornament is displayed, by absorbing the bad energy and the emanating those positive vibes, so much so, that others will walk into your space where this is hanging and will have a feeling of a lovely, safe and comfortable place and you will have a feeling of  'home". Give this piece time and it will not disappoint.

Approx 25 cm, including gift box and explanation card.