• Rose Quartz Teen Bracelet
  • Rose Quartz Teen Bracelet

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Rose Quartz Teen Bracelet


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We are bringing back our smaller size rose quartz bracelet.

There has been an unfortunate rise in mental health issue in children and teens especially over the past year. Sadly the statistics suggest the one in every sixth child, between the ages of 11-16 have been identified as having a mental health disorder. These conditions can range anywhere from low mood, sadness irritability and anxiety and sadly this list goes on.

The simple act of giving a "heart felt" gestured gift not only has huge benefits for the 'giver' for their own well-being, as kindness really does matter, but will also have a huge positive effect for the receiver too.

Although we can not claim our beads will cure any ailments, they have been used as an alternative medicine for thousands of years and these particular crystals have always been known to heal the heart.

Rose quartz has the power to fill us with a sense of unconditional love, for ourselves and others. By enabling us to give and receive love, rose quartz encourages us to overcome emotional traumas and to develop a spirit of forgiveness and trust.

A stone of gentleness and calm, it balances all the body’s system, reducing high blood pressure, strengthening and balancing the heart and restoring a sense of peace and tranquillity. It is excellent stone to bring harmony to a chaotic situation.

Approx 16 cm Angel Wing included