• Rainbow Chakra Sun Catcher
  • Rainbow Chakra Sun Catcher
  • Rainbow Chakra Sun Catcher

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Rainbow Chakra Sun Catcher



A truly wondrous piece to hang in your home, to sit and watch and be captured by. This sun catcher represents the seven chakras, with large clear maple leaf quartz, when caught in the light, will create a flow of positive movement with dancing rainbow light, with its pendulous sway.

Crown - Violet - Top of the head

Spirituality, consciousness, inspiration

Third Eye - Indigo - above to between the eyebrows

Intuition, imagination, vision

Throat - Blue -Centre Base of the neck

Communication - honesty - expression

Heart - Green - Centre of the chest

Love, emotions, relationships

Solar Plexus - Yellow - Below sternum

Power, will, confidence

Sacral - Orange - Below navel

Creativity, sexuality, desire

Root - Red - Base of Spine

Grounding, Security, manifesting

Hanging this ornament is a great way to realign and rebalance our energy systems.

A thoughtful and beautiful gift or a little treat for you.

Approx 18 cms including hanging cord.