• Midnight Azure Unisex Bracelet
  • Midnight Azure Unisex Bracelet

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Midnight Azure Unisex Bracelet


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Introducing our new unisex bracelet, designed to complement both men and women! This elegant accessory features a platted leatherette band for a stylish touch, while the mesmerising blue goldstone adds a captivating allure to the design. The bracelet is completed with a sleek black clasp, ensuring a comfortable fit for wrists measuring 19cm. (Please note this will not fit a lager wrist) Embrace the benefits of blue goldstone, known for promoting vitality, ambition, and confidence. Enhance your aura with this exquisite piece, perfect for anyone seeking a touch of sophistication and positive energy.

Midnight Azure Unisex Bracelet" This name perfectly captures the essence of the bracelet with its dark and mysterious appeal, represented by "Midnight," while "Azure" highlights the captivating blue goldstone's celestial-like hue. The term "Unisex" emphasises its versatile design, suitable for both men and women, making it an enchanting and stylish accessory for anyone to cherish and adorn their wrists.