• Healing Heart Crystals
  • Healing Heart Crystals

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Healing Heart Crystals



A set of three spiritual crystals, to keep in your bag, pocket, to scatter around the home, or under your pillow at night. Used as chakra stones, to bring inner strength, ward of negativity and to open your heart. Our scatter hearts can also be used and placed on different parts of the body to relieve different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomforts. Also used to hold in the hand and manipulate. This act alone will be a great stress relief.  The crystals from time to time will require a cleanse, as they absorb both negative and positive emotion. This can be easily done by placing in the light of the moon or the sun for a few hours to recharge and get them ready to get back to work again!

These crystals will also make a beautiful and caring gift to someone whom may be in need of a boost of reassurance and a feeling of love.

The healing hearts are:

Amethyst is a protecting stone that helps relieve stress and anxiety in your life, and all the symptoms that accompany it. Great for headaches and fatigue. This crystal represents purification and connection to spiritual and divine beings. An all round healer, bringing much needed tranquility when needed the most.

Clear Quartz, although appearing clear to the eye, this stone is believed to bring clarity to those whom carry it on them. It is one of the crystals most associated with inner healing and spiritual growth.

Red Jasper screams energy down to its very core! This fiery crystal may look like trouble, but it actually comes with incredible grounding properties. It's a stone that will bring great balance, stamina and courage with an inner strength warrior. But no matter how high you are flying, this crystal will invite you to always keep one foot firmly on the floor. A fabulous crystal to grow self confidence with a healthy manner intended.

These crystals include gift card and hessian draw string pouch.