• Florid Gem Bracelet
  • Florid Gem Bracelet

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Florid Gem Bracelet


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Luminous gemstone absorbs light and emits light in the dark. The light will weaken, but the process can be repeated over and over again.

This is a Jo James gemstone often used for gaining mental strength, also recommended if you’d like to increase your experience, value and knowledge.

The stone is used as as amulet that carries the energy of light, thus giving “hope” in a “dark place”

It is a gemstone that prevents the energy from being increased too much or too little. It is a useful bracelet if you need a calm judgement. It will help control your mood and encourage an optimal decision.

This gem needs light, so if you need to ward off negativity quickly, place for one hour in the sun, as the healing ability of this stone will then be much greater!

Luminous stone is said to be a stone to throw away the “fixed concept” and lead the wearer to great success!