• Essence Slider Bracelet

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Essence Slider Bracelet


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The Essence, friendship style bracelet, is a piece to truly beholden. The slider fit is ideal for any wrist size and its clever lock technology, can give you as snug a fit as you prefer.

The polished labradorite beads with hues of rainbow essence will have the beholder truly drawn in. This piece is Made with Love x

Labradorite is useful companion through change. It will help balance and protect and is an excellent stone for strengthening intuition.

Try to reframe from stretching the bracelet when putting on or removing.

Jo James jewellery uses eye-catching glow beads in a dazzling array of colours. For best results at maintaining the life of your beads, they should ideally be stored in a cool, relatively dark area, preferably within a jewellery box. To avoid discolouration, please keep them from contact with perfumes, hairsprays, body/hand/sun creams and lotions. Our beads also do not like hot, sweaty skin, so we would recommend not wearing them whilst playing sport, swimming or bathing or in direct heat.