• Dragons Vein Agate Bracelet
  • Dragons Vein Agate Bracelet

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Dragons Vein Agate Bracelet


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Discover the enchanting beauty of our Dragons Vein gemstone, a truly captivating and legendary find. Delicately adorned in mesmerising shades of pinks, it exudes a softer, more feminine allure. With its fine vein creating a stunning marbled effect, this gem appears as if plucked from a magical fantasy land.



Embrace honesty with this extraordinary stone, as it encourages the release of suppressed emotions and unlocks your true desires. When wearing our Dragons Vein bracelet, you'll experience a profound connection with your deepest wishes, empowering you to pursue genuine happiness and fulfilment.



Brought to you by Jo James, this mystical gem is believed to amplify the power of love, bringing you closer to your dreams. Place it under your pillow for dream guidance or wear it to magnetize your soulmate into your life.



But that's not all - Dragons Vein is a remarkable wildcard among agates. While many agates offer gentle healing, this gem is a constant source of inspiration and empowerment. Unleash your hidden talents and embrace your natural gifts as it bolsters your self-confidence.



Unveil the magic within yourself with Dragons Vein, the gemstone that keeps on giving! Experience its unique allure and transformative powers on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Please note: 

Each piece of jewellery may display colour variations from the image, owing to differences in crystal batches.