• Dragons Vein Agate Anklet
  • Dragons Vein Agate Anklet

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Dragons Vein Agate Anklet


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This particularly lovely gem, in mesmerising shades of pink and purple for softer more feminine feel. This captivating stone has a fine vein running through, giving it a stunning marbled effect. What makes it even more special is that it looks like its been taken from a magical fantasy land. This stone really is legendary.

If you want honesty, this is the stone for you!

This stone is used to prevent holding back emotions. It will be useful when you feel the need to check your true wishes. It is a gemstone that will help you grab the happiness you really want. This Dragons Vein, brought to you from Jo James, is said to increase the power of love. Wear your anklet to help you live out your dreams, sleep with it under your pillow, so you can follow your dreams. Its also said that this gem will help you find your soulmate.

This stone will also help bring out ones hidden talents or natural gifts, by providing a self-confidence boost.

Dragons Vein is a wildcard of agates. Whilst many agates are a gentle healer, this gem is a stone that will just keep giving!