• Dalmatian Ultra Fine Set

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Dalmatian Ultra Fine Set


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We are thrilled to introduce this exquisite crystal set to the JoJames collection! Our excitement knows no bounds as we bring back this captivating crystal and offer it in a complete set. Now, you have the opportunity to purchase three fabulous items: a necklace, bracelet, and anklet, all in one set. By opting for this set, you'll save £5! And hey, why not treat yourself to an additional bracelet with those savings?

This crystal not only possesses remarkable healing properties but also boasts an irresistible divine aesthetic. If you appreciate delicate and graceful designs, then this set is perfect for you. Moreover, it pairs harmoniously with other pieces from your JoJames collection, allowing you to create a style that truly reflects your uniqueness.

Let's delve into the remarkable healing properties of this crystal. On a physical level, it increases stamina and stimulates reflex actions. It is also believed to enhance the immune system, eliminate toxins, and provide relief for bowel disorders. Additionally, it proves beneficial in treating skin problems and allergic rashes.

When it comes to emotional well-being, this crystal offers a sense of stability for both humans and animals. It acts as a powerful antidote to cynicism and skepticism, dispelling negative energy in the process.

From a spiritual perspective, this crystal inspires faith and devotion in others. Furthermore, the black tourmaline spots within the crystal aid in psychic protection, while the crystal as a whole strengthens the spirit.

Experience the magnificence of this crystal set from JoJames, where healing properties and captivating design intertwine to create an unparalleled accessory. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being with this remarkable addition to our collection.