• Clara Filigree Earrings
  • Clara Filigree Earrings

Clara Filigree Earrings



If you find yourself drawn to both a contemporary style, but with a modern twist. Our filigree with pendulous style, will be perfect for you.

In a collection of glowing shades to mix and match all your Jo James necklaces or bracelets or just for a dash of colour on their own.

Clara, a beautiful collection, meaning ‘clear and bright’ evokes the sweetness and delicateness of the Victorian era.

A drop earring with a pendulous sway with in a multitude of glowing Jo James shades.

If you just fancy a pop of colour, or if you want to layer from head to toe, you'll not fail to fall in love with simple 10mm drop earrings.

Made with quality glow beads which, when caught in certain light, give the mesmerising illusion of a bead within a bead.

For best results at maintaining the life of your beads, they should ideally be stored in a cool, relatively dark area, preferably within a jewellery box. To avoid discolouration of the beautiful colours of the beads used at Jo James please endeavour to keep them from contact with perfumes, hairsprays, body/hand/sun creams and lotions. Our beads also do not like hot, sweaty skin, so we would recommend not wearing them whilst playing sport, swimming, bathing or in direct heat.