• Blue Jade Bracelet
  • Blue Jade Bracelet
  • Blue Jade Bracelet
  • Blue Jade Bracelet

Blue Jade Bracelet


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Light blue Jade is a talisman of peace, serenity and love. It calms and restores, like a veil of slow moving clouds in the sky.

Blue Jade will help promote good dreams and visions. Sleep with our bracelet under your pillow to help recall ones dreams.

It will help one relax and restore and get rid of negative energies.

Blue Jade will help you remain calm, even when you maybe experiencing a storm around you.

The stone will help you to remain grounded and calm. It will help to increase rational thinking and help you to choose the correct path to take.

“Jade is known to help in the treatment of hyperactivity”

Blue Jade is known to help in easing the pain associated with the inflammation of the joints and arthritis.

The healing energies of this stone can balance your nerves and sooth cardiac rhythm.

A great stone to assist with stress related illness and associated conditions. It can be very beneficial in treating eye and ear problems, as well as tonsillitis and adenoids.

Blue Jade is very helpful if you feel rushed, stresses or anxious or if you’re feeling totally overwhelmed.

Blue Jade can be used to temper your fear or shock when something unexpected happens or when you’re away from your family.

The Jo James bracelet also features the Hamsa Hand charm, which is know symbol effective at warding off evil and will help protect the wearer.

There is also an ancient belief that wearing a Hamsa Hand symbol will promote health, happiness and good luck and fortune.