• Amethyst Anklet

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Amethyst Anklet


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This wonderful purple stone is extremely spiritual and protective. If you have chosen this stone (or perhaps its chosen you), you may have already attuned to a higher state of consciousness, or have a deep desire to do so. Sleeping with this piece under your pillow will help bring soothing, peaceful dreams. This is a stone to calm ones mind, so is a perfect choice for meditation. As a stone of tranquility and contentment, Amethyst is excellent for relieving stress and strain, soothing anger and irritability, balancing mood swings, dispelling fear and dissolving negativity. Additionally a stone of protection, amethyst will help the wearer be protected from all types of harm, including combating all kinds of addiction. This stone can also be used to help skin disorders, reducing swellings and bruising and alleviating respiratory, digestive , along with disorders with the heart and circulation.