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Amazonite Anklet


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The Jo James well being range is now adding these Anklets to its established collection. The Amazonite natural frosted bead anklet is called the stone of courage and truth.

It’s captivating shades of turquoise and green are known to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. It is said that the Amazonite stone is as powerful as the river it’s named from.

Amazonite heals the throat chakra, encouraging communication, supporting the thyroid and parathyroid and balancing the metabolism. Amazonite helps balance the emotions, physical stamina, and a wealth of other healing properties.

These beaded stretch semi-precious stone anklets are finished with two Jo James glowing beads, individual charm.

Jo James anklets are not just for summer, not anymore! These JJ must haves are for all year through and provide that gorgeous, boho or simple elegant look. Worn with flip flops or pumps or dressed up with your night-time heel, you'll be that absolute fashionista! 

measuring approx 24.5cms. to be worn high or low!

These anklets are essential in any Jo James collection. Worn alone or as a set to complete your look. In a dazzling array of shades, you will be spoilt for choice. Each anklet is finished with the signature Jo James silver heart charm.

A polite reminder, these are not to be added when shoes are on. Please do not over stretch your anklet, as this may cause them to snap.