• Willow Bracelet

Willow Bracelet


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Introducing our extraordinary bracelet design, meticulously crafted with a touch of magic and adorned with the exquisite Imperial Jasper bead and beautifully hand-painted traditional wooden beads. We proudly present this remarkable creation named "Willow."

Derived from English origins, the name "Willow" symbolises not only the graceful willow tree but also embodies the essence of "freedom." Furthermore, it is associated with grace and elegance, encapsulating the spirit of this unique bracelet.

The captivating green crystal featured in this piece is none other than the Imperial Jasper, renowned for its ability to harmonise the body's chakras and facilitate healing. During times of immense stress, this crystal acts as a steadfast companion, providing sustenance and support to the soul. It emanates tranquillity and instils a sense of wholeness within its wearer. Moreover, Imperial Jasper serves as a shield against negative energies, offering protection, while effectively clearing electromagnetic and environmental pollution. Regarded as the "supreme nurturer," Jasper is a grounding and stabilizing stone, promoting strength and facilitating the healing process.

The inclusion of wooden beads in this bracelet holds a profound meaning. They symbolize creativity and liberty, making them highly revered in new-age spirituality, prayer, meditation, and various yoga practices. Embrace the energy of these wooden beads as they empower you to tap into your creative potential and liberate your spirit.

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