Hamsa Hand Earrings

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Earrings with style and spiritual meaning. The Hamsa hand in an antique, rustic, style silver, with a  gem stone bead from our well- being collection. A must for earring lovers everywhere!

Rose Agate - The Rose Agate is a stone for rebalancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit. It also cleanses and stabilises the aura, banishing negativity.

Rose quartz - has the power to fill us with a sense of unconditional love, for ourselves and others. By enabling us to give and receive love, rose quartz encourages us to overcome emotional traumas and to develop a spirit of forgiveness and trust.

White Turquoise - This stone helps you to see how beautiful life really is and encourages to count your blessings. It will also enable you to be calm and positive, and to find things that bring you joy and release creativity.

Crazy Lace - This is great stone for creating inner stability, growing confidence, although slowly, this stone will bring great strength to its beholder.

Morganite - Morganite is a profoundly relaxing stone that gently soothes away all states of anxiety.

Amazonite - Amazonite heals the throat chakra, encouraging communication, supporting the thyroid and parathyroid and balancing the metabolism. Amazonite helps balance the emotions, physical stamina, and a wealth of other healing properties

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