Our Guide To Social Media

Our Guide To Social Media
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Hello, my name is Ryan. I am the owner or the digital marketing agency which has been helping Jo James Jewellery for some time. We have written this blog post for you as a simple guide to posting on social media and how to get the most out of it. Our marketing team consists of marketing professionals with many years of experience working on brands with millions of followers and even have worked for the big social networks.

Let’s get into our top tips for posting on social media.

Social media is a great resource when growing a small business. But you need to be careful about what you post and when you post. We have put together this post for you on our top tips for posting on social media so you get the best possible reach and conversions.

1. Unique Content Is Key

When you are looking to post content on social networking sites, we highly recommend adding your own flare to content. If you are promoting the same product as many others, find a way to make it unique. This can include unique written content, your own images or editted images. A quick tip on images is not to use filters, especially when using product images, it can make the image less accessible to users with limited sight.

2. Posting On Multiple Pages and Groups

Posting content on multiple pages you own or in groups you manage/partake in is a great way to expand your reach. However, posting the same content can get you flagged by users or even the algorithms for spam. Either make the content unique or use the built in share tool to share content from your main page to other pages/groups.

3. Word Choice Is Essential

Using the right words when posting can have a tremendous impact on your reach and engagement. Avoid using hard-sell or spammy words which users and algorithms don’t like. Below is a list of the worst words we have seen used in posts:

  • Sale
  • Free
  • Giveaway
  • Buy Now
  • Discount
  • Save Money

It can be tricky to share promotional content without using these words and similar ones. But spending a bit of time to write an elegant post can significantly improve your reach and reduce spam reports.

4. Content Variety

Sharing content is great and we recommend sharing 1-3 times a day at a minimum. Sharing unique and varied content throughout the day will keep your followers engaged and they are less likely to hide, block or report your posts.

5. Likes and Shares

We all know that engagement including likes, shares have a massive impact on your brands reach. We recommend not directly asking for engagement unless you are asking for opinions in the comments (this is a great way to get people engaged without spamming). Posts which directly ask for engagement like sharing and like posts see 70% decrease in organic reach.

6. Running Giveaways

Running giveaways on social media is a great way to improve engagement rates and build brand loyalty. However, the platforms are strict on what you can and cannot do. Facebook have the strongest set of rules which you must follow. We recommend following Facebook’s rules on other platforms. You can read Facebook’s Pages, Groups and Events policy here: https://www.facebook.com/policies/pages_groups_events/

7. Tagging People

It is perfectly normal to tag other people in posts, we recommend it. Tagging people who do not want to be tagged or are not actively engaging with your brand can be seen as spam. We also recommend that you don’t ask followers to tag their friends. This can been seen a spam too. Many people will naturally tag friends in the comments, this is perfectly normal but asking for people to do this, is not.

8. Hashtags

The good old hashtag. They are great for opening up your content to a wider audience and engaging with trends. When adding hashtags to your posts, ensure you don’t have too many (we usually recommend no more than 3, unless you are posting on Instagram, we usually say no more than 10-12) and they should be relevant to the post only. Irrelevant hashtags are an easy way to get users to report your content for spam.

9. Engagement Is Key

As a brand it is highly recommended to engage with your audience. If someone comments a question, some feedback or an opinion, we highly recommend engaging with the user. This two way engagement is the strongest strategy we have observed.

10. Politics, Religion, Finances & Health

Social networks are always improving their algorithms to reduce incorrect information and false news from being shared on their platforms. We highly recommend leaving politics, religion, finances and health out of content. Your posts are most likely to be suppressed by the algorithms.

The well-being collection from Jo James, does promote the potential health benefits of healing stones. We have found that talking about these products can work, but you should ensure you do not mention that “they will” help, instead you should say “they can”.


Posting on social media is not hard, but there are many little things you should be aware of and how they impact your reach.

We are constantly finding new ways to increase engagement and rules to follow when posting on social media. We will keep this blog post update with our latest advice and we will share this within our groups.

Finally, one thing we see regularly within groups is sharing infographics on social media management, posting this kind of content can be flagged as spam very quickly. We recommend avoiding these types of posts within our groups. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help you. Simply leave a comment below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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