The Birthstone Collection

The Birthstone Collection

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Match your birthstone to your month of birth and find the perfect jewellery piece to suit your personality.

The birthstone collection presents a beautiful bangle with a rhinestone inset.

Beautifully made and specially chosen, these birthstone jewellery bangles are just as thoughtful as they are unique. Find the perfect piece for that fiery Sagittarius or loving Libran in your life. These gemstone bangles will bring a magical touch to any occasion and show you know them well.

January - Garnet, thought to keep the wearer safe in travel

February - Amethyst, is said to keep relationships strong and give the wearer courage.

March - Aquamarine, was thought to cure, heart liver and lounge disease

April - Diamond, a symbol of everlasting love.

May - Emerald, it’s long been associated with fertility, rebirth and Love.

June - Alexandrite, said to help you bring your own joy to your life.

July - Ruby Rose, said to protect its wearer from evil.

August - Peridot, symbolises strength.

September - Sapphire, is said to symbolise purity and wisdom.

October - Pink tourmaline, symbolises faithfulness and confidence

November - Topaz, symbolizes love and affection. It is believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect.

December - Blue Topaz, is a symbol of good fortune and success.

*These descriptions are based on wearing pure precious stones.*

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